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What is an Event

Event is a kind of ID. You could assign this ID to any of the feature of your app created in the Megogrid system. Events are used in Rules & Rules are used in Action

Types of an Event

There are two types of Events – Predefined & Custom

Pre-defined – These are the events which are already created ??

Custom – These are the events which are created by you.

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How to create an Event

Go to Mego Events plugin & click on the ‘Add Now’ card as shown below

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After clicking on 'Add Now’ as shown in above screen, you’ll be redirected on the screen shown below where you could add Events.

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a.) Event Name – You have to enter the event name in this field.

b.) Choose Cube ID (Feature) – You could either choose new feature or existing feature to assign event on it. If you choose 'New’ then you’ll see a field to enter the new feature name for that app(selected at top header part of screen) & if you choose 'Existing’ then you will see the dropdown on the place of input field, that dropdown will consist every feature of the app, so you could select any of that feature.

c.) Attributes – There are 3 types of attributes. Tags, Type, Value

                    i.) Tags –

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                    ii.) Type – kvv

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                    iii.) Value – kk

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When an event is created you’ll be redirected on listing page, where all the events will be listed.

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How to create a Rule

Go to Mego Events plugin & click on the 'Rules Lists’ tab, below screen will appear.

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Click on the 'Add Now’ link to create first Rule, you’ll be redirected to the page shown on below screen.

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a.) Type – This is the type of rule which you could add, it could be Single or Multiple.

On selecting 'Single’ Rule, you will be able to create rule with single event, for instance, 'Eating Breakfast’ is an event & you could create a rule with it, So when 'Eating Breakfast’ is completed it means the Rule is completed.

On the other hand if you select 'Multiple’ rule, you will be able to create rule with multiple events, for instance 'Eating Breakfast’, 'Eating Lunch’ & 'Eating Dinner’ are three events. So when 'Eating Breakfast’, 'Eating Lunch’ & 'Eating Dinner’ is completed it means the Rule is completed.

b.) Creating Rule – You could create rule by using an event & applying conditions on it.

                    i.) Pre-defined Events – ??

                    ii.) Custom Events – On Selecting this option, a drop down will appear having list of all created events

                    iii.) Created Tags – This option, displays all created Tags List

                    iv.) System Tags – There will be some system generated tags in drop down for creating Rules

                    v.) Duration – It will let the user select the duration like – weekly, monthly, etc

                    vi.) Time Period – It will let the user select the time

                    vii.) Validity – It will let the user schedule the rule till when it will be valid

                    viii.) Unique ID – It will be helpful to fetch the Id/s (as identifier)

                    ix.) Near Me –

                    x.) Occurrence – It will let the user select the rule occurrence – Once or Repeated

                    xi.) Value – It will let the user select the value type like equals to, greater than, etc

c.) Name – You have to enter the name of the rule in this field.

When Rules are created, it shown in listing as shown below:

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How to use Events in Rule

You have to use event in rules, you could create multiple rules using events & ..?? So now, you have to use Events to build rules. You could Start from the 'Rules List’ tab as shown in below screen.

You’ll see the listing of all rules there & in-case there’s no existing rule you could create one by clicking on the 'Add Now’ link as explained in 'How to create a rule’.

What are pre-configured events

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a.) Predefined events are those events which are prebuilt in Mego Events plugin.

b.) Currently toggle switch is inclined towards 'Predefined’ (above image), so you could see all the predefined events.

How to use pre-configured events