Getting Started

Create your first App and go to Mego Rewards plugin under Engage Module from the left panel.

Mego Rewards


Create InApp Actions using Rules

Once you are on the Mego Rewards plugin, you’ll find two sections of Mego Rewards, namely ‘Cross promotion’ & 'In-App Action Rewards’

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To view all In-App Actions click on 'In-App Action Rewards’ card, once you are InApp section you’ll see below options:





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By clicking on 'Create’ card you would be able to create the new inapp actions for the app selected at header.

All the created rules will be visible in this list, to create any action using the listed rules, just click on 'Add’ icon & then select required Rules by clicking the check-boxes shown in front of all rules in below screen & click 'Done’ button present at bottom of the screen.

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Action page -

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Rules – In this card the condition is mentioned for the action.

Define Action – You have to define action that what will happen if selected rules satisfies.

Trigger – This dropdown contains the conditional values like - 'If any’ & 'If All’. Another dropdown contains values like – 'Give’ & 'take’. In the last input field you could enter the numeric value which you want to give or deduct when the selected rule satisfies.

Display – This gives option to choose the kind of display message, that whether it’ll be on Prompt or toast.

Display Text – In this text box you have to enter the message which will come when rule is satisfied & action get triggered.

Clicking on 'OK’ button will save the entries made on this page & you’ll be redirected on the Mange listing page where you could see all the inapp actions made for this application.

Managing all inApp actions from one page

Click on Manage card in Rewards plugin & you’ll find Search, Add, Edit or Delete icons on it.

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In order to edit InApp actions you have to :

1.) go to Manage page

2.) Select any action by clicking on checkbox.

3.) Click on Edit icon

You’ll be redirected on a page to see the pre-filled records which you selected on mage page, you could edit the data on this page.


In order to Delete any InApp actions you have to :

  1. go to Manage page

  2. Select any action by clicking on checkbox.

  3. Click on Delete icon.

A confirmation message will appear, approving which will delete the selected records.

How to Create campaigns

When you are in Mego Rewards plugin, you have to click on 'Cross Promote Your App’.

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You’ll see fours cards – Create, Manage, Connect, Publish

To create a campaign, click on Create.

You’ll see a page on which you could enter the campaign content & conditions..etc

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You have to enter basic details in 'Main Info’ tab of the campaign, like its name, the apps in which it’ll run, OS, Store etc..

Moving further to second(Media) tab, you have to choose the content of Campaign

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a.) Creative Type – you could select the mode of

b.) Creative Type – You could select the content type which will be visible in campaign from here. Currently 'Text’ option is selected, so only Header field & text entering box is visible.

If 'Text + Icon’ or 'Banner’ option will be selected then different fields will be visible.

In-case of 'Text + Icon’ you’ll see 'Icon’ uploading space more on this page apart from 'Header’ & 'Text’.

In-case of 'Banner’ you’ll see an image uploading field to upload banner for campaign.

c.) Header – You have to enter the header text here which will be visible on header of campaign.

d.) Text – You have to enter the text here which will be visible on campaign.

e.) By clicking on the 'Next’ button, you’ll go to 'Action’ tab.

Once the campaign content is uploaded, you have to create Action on campaign, using next(Action) tab

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Set Credits on a campaign

a.) Choose Action Type – There are two options in dropdown, Install & Share. That means you could choose any type of campaign.

b.) Credits – This is the input field in which you have to enter the credits, which you want to give/take for the campaign to frontend user.

c.) Enable Landing Page – In-case you want to create a landing page, that means If you selected this check-box then few radio buttons & a will appear below.

          i.) From Template – If you select this option, you could create landing page, you have to select the content type of landing page from dropdown present below.

          ii.) Custom – If you select custom option, an input field will appear ??

Install Type Campaign

Install Type Campaign – To create an install type campaign select the 'Install’ option under 'Choose Action Type’

Share Type Campaign

Share Type Campaign – To create a share type campaign select the 'Share’ option under 'Choose Action Type’ dropdown. As soon as you select Share option, you’ll see 'One Way’ & 'Two Way’ options.

Action Type Campaign

One Way – In one way sharing type campaigns, only that frontend user will get the rewards who is referring the campaign.

Two Way – In two way sharing type campaigns, both frontend users (referral & Installer) will get the rewards.

Setting campaign for selected countries only

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In-case you want to activate campaigns only in selected countries, you have to click 'Regional’ button, & then a popup will appear on which you could set the countries in which you want to publish the campaign.

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Scheduling a campaign

You could create a campaign & save it as draft to use it later. You just have to choose 'Later’ option.

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You could create a campaign & use it right away by scheduling it as shown below. You have to select 'Now’ option & select the start date & end date for campaign.

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