Getting Started

Create your first App and go to Mego Shop plugin under Sell Module from the left panel.

Mego Shop


How to add an app feature in Shop plugin

Once you are on Shop plugin screen, you’ll see four cards (Create, Manage, Connect, Publish – Shown below), you have to click on the create card.

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Once you click on ‘Create’ card, you’ll come on feature creating/choosing page, where you have to select the app feature on which you want to implement the price (InApp) & then click on save, to proceed further on inapp page.

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How to apply in app (Price) on any feature of an app

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In the listing provided on 'Manage’ page, all features of the app(Selected in header) is visible, to apply inapp on any feature, you have to select that feature & click on 'Add Cart’ icon. As soon as you click on 'Add Cart’ you’ll be redirected on the inapp configuration page as shown below.

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In app configuration page

      a.) Selling option – These are the selling option provided for features

          i.) Unlocked features – You could select this feature

          ii.) Purchase Coin –

      b.) Type –

      c.) Choose Parent – You could choose existing feature or could new as per your requirement.

      d.) Google In App id – In this field you have to enter your Google Inapp id, incase you dont remember it, you could click on the Google play icon beside the field & Google play console will open in new browser window, so you could login & note your Google InApp id to paste in this field.

      e.) Selling Currency –

      f.) Price Point –

      g.) Discount –

      h.) Country –

Applying Subscriptions on App features

You could select the type of subscription on Inapp configuration page.

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a.) Select 'Subscription’ radio button under type option.

b.) Enter Google inapp id in the field.

c.) Billing Period – You could select the billing period from options provided (Monthly, 3 months, 6 months, yearly, Seasonal)

d.) Selling Currency –

e.) Price Point –

f.) Discount –

g.) Country –

How to connect your Google in App ID to Mego Shop

You have to enter your Google InApp ID on Mego Shop configuration page

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Applying different price in different locations on an app feature

You could select the country on Inapp configuration page

a.) By default the inapp set on configuration page will be set for all countries, so incase you want to set different inapp values fro different locations, then you have to click 'Regional’ button on inapp configuration page.

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Once clicked on 'Regional’ button a popup(Shown below) will open, on which you could select different regions & respective inapp values.

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