MegoPurchaseFramework Reference


MegoPurchaseFramework is used for configuring MegoPro, MegoShop and, MegoCoin zones data individually or with their combinations. This class has several API methods which will be used to perform validation process of the features in an application. For example, initialize() method is used to configure the SDK with the server and fetch all the required getFeatureIdStatus() which is in MegoGridInAppModel class method is used to start the validation of the given Cube Id or featureId.

Useful points of MegoPurchaseManager:

  1. A simple model to encapsulate the features purchasing handling with its own user interface
  2. Supports permanent based purchase
  3. Support partial based purchase
  4. Support Subscription Based purchase
  5. Handles Grace along with all subscriptions
  6. Handle MultiDevice supports for all type of trials