MegoEvents Reference


The MegoAction framework provides the crucial infrastructure needed to perform an event and manage for event success. This framework provides the credit points to user,on completion of an event and also check for associated event rule condition if any on that event.ActionSdkInitializer class act as a main class for handling the initialisation of sdk of various activities like persisting the rules and events information as configure on cms and for initializng the dynamic properties as associated with the events on cms.MAActionPerformer class acts as a main class for handling various actions and acts as a interface between app and Sdk for handling various events and checks for rule completions.

In addition to the core app behaviors, MegoAction provides support for the following features:

  1. when a user register himself,he will get credit points only once.
  2. when user launch an app he will get credit points,only once in a day on first launch.
  3. lets user is on a nth level of a game,when he completes nth level he will get some credit points as a reward.
  4. Whether user completes a challange with in the time period,he will also be rewarded.