MHHelperNavigator Class Reference

Inherits from NSObject
Declared in MHHelperNavigator.h


About This class.

This class is used to get configuration of MegoHelper,HelperNavigator as its name suggest used to Navigate to the various View,This class has been extended from NSObject,This Class can only be called on the view controller as its accepts the parameter as self.

These class has two methods:

   1.getAllHelperServices:(UIView *)view.

   2.getHelperView:(UIViewController *)helperView andType :(NSString *)typeString.

The HelperNavigator class consist of all the Constant these constant need to be pass to getHelperView as the typeString .

  • FAQ Constant to Load FAQ View Type.

  • Rate Constant to Load Rate View Type.

  • Help Constant to Load Help View Type.

  • FeedBack Constant to Load FeedBack View Type.

  • Tutorial Constant to Load Tutorial View Type.

– getAllHelperServices:

This method is used to add observer to observe that notification has arrived for mewardid and token key. This method is called only once in viewDidLaunch to get the configuration.You will call to this method first of all,may be from your ViewController class.

- (void)getAllHelperServices:(UIView *)view



any view where the custom loader you want to show.

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– getHelperView:andType:

This method can be called Mutliple time depending upon their parameter Constant.This Method load the Various View of MegoHelper.This method is the main method to get HelperView.

- (void)getHelperView:(UIViewController *)helperView andType:(NSString *)typeString



the constant NSString type indicate the type of the View that you want to Show


the controller class where you want to show

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