MegoHelperFramework Reference


MegoHelper is one of the module of MegoGrid. So here I am explaining what MegoHelper is and how it works for an iOS App Developer.Now a days , Mobile Technology is becoming too vast for the ease of the world, keeping the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple), Developers are doing their best to make the world Techno Freak. As their time is too precious, Frameworks are being developed to save the time. So, Every developer needs details of their application users, by which they could kept record of each and every brief detail of their user, which he/she could use accordingly. MegoHelper framework provides an integrated digital signature for app related issue,The MegoHelper frame provides several powerful feature like the digital visual implementation of user manual for an app,feedbacks that helps to get the end user review for the app,provides a set of frequently and help type answer.

MegoHelper encapsulate with the following feature

  1. A simple model to encapsulate the help based content with its own user interface
  2. Supports help page for app
  3. Support Tutorial page for app
  4. Support FAQ of app
  5. Support Rating and Review of app

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