Now a day to make app more popular developer has to generate virtual money management in the app in various events of application so that various features of app becomes popular by giving coins for the various events.Using this money developer gives right to convert this virtual money into real money of user can make purcheasing in various app features.Instead of this mecahnism developer can promote various third party apps in his application with the help of this powerful framework and user of his application is able to install,share and refer to these third part applications

MegoUser Demo is app which apply photo effects of camera images and Gallery images.This app is avalable in Play store and its source code avalable on Github.You can take all refrence of source code and how we integrate a power platform of Mego Reward as for the reward generation for various application custom events as well promotion of third party via install,share and referral.In this i represent i will guide you how we can integrate MegoUsers to a App and how this power framework makes virtual currency managment so simple whether

This tutorial is divided into several parts, each focusing on a different aspect of our Mego Grid Demo App. Feel free to read them in any order, but we recommend that you download the source code and refer to it while reading. Some parts of the code were omitted or changed in this tutorial in order to keep it clear and concise, so you may find it useful to keep the full version close at hand.

MegoRewards demo architecture

MegoUser contains some of the helper class for photo editing effect: slideView show all the option in slide view DownloadimageHistoryViewController shows the saved images history, FlipRotate this controller apply rotate images in different direction, UIImage+Filtering and ALAssetsLibrary+CustomPhotoAlbum this two Catagories apply different Effects on the images help content of app.

Getting Started


Megogrid uses Authorization Layer for authenticating your application’s user from within the Authorization SDK. You must add Authorization SDK before using any of the Megogrid module.

Integrating Authorization SDK in your iOS app

First, we import the following classes in our Appdelegate.m class and to register your app for remote push notification.

#import <MegoAuth/MegoAuthenticate.h>
#import <MegoRewards/MRServerModel.h>

We create an object of above instialize classes.

MegoAuthenticate *megoAuthenticate;
MRServerModel *serverModel;

We initialize the following code with in didFinishWithLaunch.

if( [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] objectForKey:@“MegoCredentials”] ==nil)
serverModel=[[MRServerModel alloc]init];
[serverModel intializeSDK];
megoAuthenticate = [[MegoAuthenticate alloc]init];
[megoAuthenticate Intialize]
NSLog(@“MewardAuthenticate user”);


Firstly use the following code

import <MegoRewards/MRNavgationController.h>
@property (strong, nonatomic) MRNavgationController *mRNavgationController;

To call the following function for use MegoRewards.

_mRNavgationController=[[MRNavgationController alloc]init];
[ _mRNavgationController campaign:self.navigationController];
else if(indexPath==1)
[_mRNavgationController history:self.navigationController];
else if(indexPath==2)
[_mRNavgationController sendGift:self.navigationController];
else if(indexPath==3)
[_mRNavgationController receiveGift];

Show Campaign

Campaign is third party application promotions which is set on MegoUser CMS panel.It consist of these parameters.In MegoUsers these are following parameter which constitute a Compaign.


Send Gifts is mechanism through a user is able to transfer his earned coins to other user. In send gift mechanism there is requirement of mail address to the entity which is going to receive gifts. A referal code will be sent to the email address that you have entered.


Receive Gift is a mechanism in which you can earn the coins that another user has transfered to you. You will get the referal code on your email address.Copy the referal code and paste it on the receive gift box shown by the API function.

Custom Actions


More making more user engagment MegoReward provides reward generation on app through different activity perform by user and by using different features.So every action in the app constitute of following components like

Triggering Actions

When any event is going to fired we have to trigger the same event in sdk for evalauting whether the rule which is configure on server is matched or not so for this we have trigger action when an camera image is taken by user and apply effects on it and any pic captured from gallery and apply efects on the same as below

EventManager eventManagerObj=[[EventManager allock] init]; NSMutableDictionary *dict = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc]init];
[eventManagerObj handlingOfEventRules:EventIDKey status:“Complete” Dictionary:dict];
MewardActionServerModel *mASM=[[MewardActionServerModel alloc] init];
[mASM processEventSuccess:EventIDKey eventstatus:“Complete” ruleids:eventManagerObj.ruleIdsArray];

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